Gold Dust

There is a lot more to say about the mines, but yesterday was a bad day, and I couldn’t write a lot. I was broken physically on the way back from Obuasi, and before I was gonna break down mentally due to exhaustion I hit the hay.
Today will be a better day and I hope to write a full report on most anything… were it not for the fact that the internet isn’t working. (I should make that part 5 of our Ghana course really)

Mining is dangerous, but wages are okay, so that helps making it less dangerous. (I’m not sure if I understood that correctly).
Most of the gold goes abroad, but this particular mining company we visited is making sure at least some of the riches are put back into the community. I wonder if all the other companies say the same. They usually do.

A new day in Accra, the people have been up already for hours, the streets are busy. We’re up late at eight. Arnon struck gold last night. He found his watch again. Half of the hotel staff in Obuasi will have been fired by now (AngloGold Ashanti owns the hotel we were staying) but it’s too far to return now, so we leave it at that. Obuasi, by the way, meaning Under the Stone.
Timme is reading the bible (see picture). I am not sure what to make of that. Anthony has a bad influence on young Timme, he almost quit smoking, he doesn't really drink that much, and now he's reading a book he already knows by heart..

I’m very happy to have been able to upload one or two entries on the weblog just now. I have to use Timme’s laptop because mine is not online, so I try to con him into leaving the room all the time. Timme, do you want a cigarette? Timme, will you take a shower first? Timme, isn’t it your turn to get us a drink? And on and on and on.

The Galamsy – the illegal mining… STOP PRESS – just now the news reaches us of the death of ‘Majoor Bosshardt’, Holland’s most warm and charming Salvation Army Major. Death by Ikea, I read mixing up the news item with a commercial message inbetween. You can’t joke about death, Timme reminds me. I comment that life is even less a laughing matter, so I might as well.
Yes, we clearly established the right state of mind to be received by the Minister of Mines, Lands & Forestry.
We will be tough on him, merciless. For effect, we haven’t even shaved this morning. Let’s rough him up a bit. We will leave no stone unturned. Or else at least we get to admire his office and secretary. The secretaries in Ghana are just amazing. You’d want to take a few home with you.
I hope no-one feels offended, it is meant as a compliment. But if you do, please don't blame me. Thanks.
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