WTF do you mean Saturday, it’s Wednesday (at least when you read this). I met a girl today named Ama, and George tells me the name means Saturday.
It’s against my rule to disclose the idea of the title of the daily piece in the first line (sometimes I never do – though it’s always there), but in this case I have to. Screw the mines, fuck the shaft… enter Ama, a gold mine in her own right if there ever was one.
I guessed she had an Ashanti name which she confirmed… OMFG… bonus points. Yes, I had hit the big time.
Now – should any of you wonder, and I’m sure most of you don’t – the meeting came about because of Arnon (he really is to blame for everything) was challenging me to go and talk to her. Already earlier today he displayed his twisted pleasure in controlling people (by means of financial bribes), tonight he went even further. He wanted me to make a fool of myself for his own personal pleasure – all’s as may be… the thing he doesn’t count on is the fact I actually wanted to talk to the girl and I was conning him into making me some kind of challenge enabling me to talk to her and make any proposition at all I would want to make, legitimately. (This sentence probably is not grammatically correct – I apologize – it’s late).
For want of a message in a bottle… Hannie, do not worry… this is all just literature and I am not being unfaithful. The readers might be taken in, but you are not, I am sure.

Greetings go out al over the world - I am honoured to be read in Nw Zealand (and other places, but that is the fartherst)

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