Goodbye Sunny FM

A small but very fine welcoming committee at Schiphol Airport this morning, Rob Youknowwho asked the first thing that any loving father would ask his son after a week well spent in Ghana made possible by the wonderful Mr. Grunberg: "Tell me, were you abused in any way by Arnon these past seven days?"
There where hugs all round. I promised I'd cry but I didn't. As per usual when it really matters I didn't quite know what to say.

Suddenly I felt very tired, and the only thing I wanted when the train started away was to hear Hannie's voice.
For the first time this week, so I'm told, the sun is coming out just a little - it must be a sign, but I'm not sure for what. Maybe I ought to pay more attention to signs from now on. Not drawing conclusions from it, merely enjoying their occurence.

What have I been missing in the news this week? Slave trade has been abolished for 200 years now. Historian Piet Emmer writes that Holland hardly profited from the slave trade. (He actually seems to regret it). The newspaper further quotes him on once having said that the space on slave ships per person hardly differed from that of a modern Boeing-747. I would think that if out of 60,000,000 travellers on airplanes, only 20,000,000 reach their destiny alive, the companies would have some explaining to do, but maybe I'm just being leftwing.

Next I read that pigs are intelligent and curious animals that need some diversion, for if bored they tend to tailbite each other. Timme and I have not been bored, else we would have acted in a similar fashion, no doubt. And Geert Wilders wants to bomb Iran.

And so our week-long fixed marriage is at an end. Not so this blog. I will continue and hope to have as many visitors each day as I have had in the past week. Thank you all.

Thank you, Arnon, Timme, George, Anthony, Mike, and our dear parents Johannes and Henry.

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Jij ook al aan de race? Ik heb een loodgieter gebeld.
We lezen hier thuis met veel genoegen de blogs.
Timmé, (URL) - 29-06-’07 21:45
welkom weer thuis in ons natte kikkerlandje!!
Anja, - 30-06-’07 12:19
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