Ivo Opstelten has been mayor of the city of Rotterdam since 1999. He's thinking about throwing the towel shortly.
Rumour has it Rita Verdonk is a canditate for the position.
Today the other mayor of Rotterdam, poet/writer Jules Deelder, declared he'd be leaving the city if Mrs. Verdonk would become Mr. Opstelten's successor. He'd be happy living anywhere else, even Amsterdam, but not somewhere with her in city hall.
Of course he himself could apply for the job, but I'm not sure then if his hours as 'night-mayor of Rotterdam' would be counting as overtime.

Home one day and doing the shopping, I found myself checking my bags and wallet already more than I had done the whole past seven days in Ghana.
lutek Zaterdag 30 Juni 2007 at 4:50 pm | | default
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