Having been hosted myself for a whole week with no strings attached, it was easy to return the favour last night when encountering three students in the bar around the corner, with no means of ever getting home at 1 AM.
Enjoying a nice and quiet drink ourselves, we noticed some heavy duty cleaning going on by the personnel on the job. As we learned some time later, the three stooges had switched from beer to wine with some succes about an hour and a half before. But the plan backfired.
The wineswine were scattered around the premisis. One was in the toilet, or in several ones in turn. Another had crawled outside and now fast asleep and hugging a tree. The third was trying to aid both at the same time, but proved unable in delivering proper help of any kind.

Hannie - not unlike Clark Kent but without the flashy suit - was out and about and making sure no-one was dying. (Majoor Bosshardt of the Salvation Army, pronounced dead a week ago, lived on.)
Myself I finished my beer first, assessed the situation, and ordered another one.
Someone wanted to call a taxi, but someone else said no taxi driver in his right mind would want them in the car. The barman was worried about his good name and sided with the latter. We decided we were to be The Good Samaritans for the night, and invited them in to sleep the whole thing off at our place.

The invitation was thankfully accepted. We put one in the spare bedroom, one on the couch, and had no choice but put what was left in the bathroom.

This morning we made some strong coffee and fed them sandwiches and saucages, which they gorged themselves on. Except for the one that had never really woken up. I don't think he will before tomorrow.
I kicked them all out around noon, because I want to see some music in the park. The annual Metropolis festival has started, and I really must see Blanche. We shook hands and I believe they wanted to go back and check the bar before going home, just to see if all is well. I don't think that's a good idea. We won't be able to host them another night I'm afraid.

It's easy to be Good Samaritans, and your Sunday gets a nice start. (What else would you do an a Sunday morning anyway?). And it's refreshing to learn that some students do not just drink beer, but can appreciate a good bottle of wine as well. Or two or three. Each.
It gives us hope for the future. Also all music I played was appreciated: Zeppelin, Belle & Sebastian, Kraftwerk. Whatever it was, they liked it. All in all a nice way to get to know someone, if only for one night. We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
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Exhibit B
Hey Lutek and Hannie,
Here's another thank you for the, let's say weird, night. Exhibit A is still asleep and we visited that bar again today, twice. For coffee and tea that is (and bought them some flowers :P). We really appreciate your help. Now we need to find a way to really say thanks to you guys...
Exhibit B, (E-mail ) - 01-07-’07 23:59
Said barman here with exhibit D
Barman, (E-mail ) (URL) - 11-07-’07 02:29
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