Sometimes, maybe once every few years, you hear a band play at a festival and it stops you in your tracks. You turn and walk towards the stage where the music is coming from. You realize you never heard anything like this before. The rare occasion of getting acquainted with something that is so new or different, it almost puts you of balance. You recognize each instrument individually, but the combination of it has never sounded like this. You know in an instant this band will still be played in 20 years time, this band will be put in the history books, alongside the Beatles, Nirvana, the Who and Frank Zappa.

Today was not such a day. Quite the opposite. Ah well, there is always next year. And the sun had come out so it wasn't a complete waste of time. It was rather muddy in places, but if anything it keeps people from fighting. It does. When a crowd of people face a common difficulty that can't be blamed on another person or group, they will feel more together. Solidarity and all that.

There was a band announced as a cross between Nina Hagen and Debbie Harry. Needless to say it had nothing to do with either. I was standing behind a man that was taking pictures and noticed he didn't take any pictures. He was merely using his camera to zoom in on the crotch of the singer. Maybe it made sense, maybe it was the hormones that made the noise. Who can tell?
The drummer had some difficulty keeping the snare drum in time with the bass drum. I was always told women can do two different things at the same time; this was a man though. Right about this time I was talking to an old acquaintance who was looking for a friend, therefore apologizing she couldn't properly talk to me at the same time.
-But you are a woman, I said, you can do two things at the same time
-Yeah, well, knitting and fucking!
I walked around some more and decided it was enough for one day. I saw many beautiful girls, but also noticed obesity is not a thing of the past. I prayed for rain.

On the way back I passed the Ahoy sports arena where the biggest bingo ever was being held. Some 9000 people were trying to get into the Guinness Book of Records, and about 5 million at home in front of the television. I miss out on all the good stuff. They seemed to enjoy themselves much better than the people at the festival and who can blame them.

Meanwhile in another part of the world (Boulder, Co.) they just finished a marathon reading of Jack Kerouac's On the Road without anyone falling asleep. I think that's worth a mention too in the Guinness Book.

And in England terror alert is at its highest level. All in the same week that they host Wimbledon, the start of the Tour de France, and the Concert for Diana at Wembley Arena. Maybe al-Qaida is just testing out Gordon Brown, and making sure he's not forgetting about them. Which is just the early boost he was looking for.
In saying this I realize I'd be a right arse if a bomb does go off tomorrow.
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