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Marketing Target

03 07 07 - 01:13 My internet provider was found to be the best for the second year running, an either very busy or slightly intoxicated voice on the phone told me today. Being the best is not so hard, when you don't know what the comparison is. "Tested the best" and similar slogans in television commercials simply means other brands weren't tested that thoroughly.
So I asked for details. She said they had the best helpdesk. You still know nothing but I gave up. I have learnt to give up early when it really doesn't matter one way or the other.
She went on. For this reason my name was pulled out of the hat and she was happy to say I won a tv-whatever-box-thing enabling me to enjoy about 6596 channels from now on. For free. And I could see 144 movies a month and all kinds of other things demand. I would never miss a thing anymore.
- ...uhm... okay..., I said.
She noticed I wasn't overjoyed.
-It's for free, she reaffirmed. (Except for the movies, that is)
I said I could hardly believe it.
-Other people pay good money for this.
I said I couldn't believe that either.
I heard some background noise. Perhaps she was checking to see if she had dialed the correct number, or if she had read the right text.

Nobody said anything for a few seconds. I told her then that ever since I had switched from one subscribtion to another, I hadn't received a correct invoice. (Something, by the way, I had given up on also. Some things are not worth the hassle.) (Many things, come to think of it.)
She assured me I would become a happy television viewer, and if I wouldn't use the box, I could send it back without charge. No strings attached. Nothing would change.
In a moment of weakness I agreed to receive the gift. I figured if the worst comes to the worst, I am entitled to discontinue my subsciption in 6 months' time anyway, so no real harm can come from it. And not all television is bad after all.
The only thing she wanted to know was what I thought of their new commercial as compared to the old one. I had no idea they had a new one, but when she discribed it, I knew I had seen it. She laughed out loud at my reaction and told me I was the first today that had looked at it the way I had. I didn't know what to make of that, but wished her a very pleasant evening.

I was thinking about all the things I could see in the time to come, but I couldn't see myself enjoying it more than I did now. I switched on the television to see how much I did enjoy it now. Tennis was on, and I saw Krajicek play, which I enjoyed.
After about an hour of tennis and I think six commercial breaks in between, I suddenly noticed the kinds of brands advertised were not the kinds you'd find in between an Arnie-movie. 95% was for styling your hair, washing away wrinkles, health products, and some more about styling your hair. Apparently the adverteasers found that viewers of tennis matches are mostly female and have an interest in these products. It made me wonder where I'd fit in. It made me wonder about a lot of friends I have that watch tennis regularly.
I have decided I will ask them about it. Perhaps it turns out they are all females and style their hair several times a day. If so, I will connect the box my internet provider is sending me and take a closer look at society. I must have missed a thing or two. Gebruikte Tags: ,
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